Talent ManagementTalent Management

Talent management is one of the key processes for management and the HR

Talent management means recognising, developing and maintaining the abilities that support the organisation’s strategic capabilities. It also involves systematic key personnel planning.

We offer consultancy to HR management and facilitate the planning of talent management processes and the establishment of criteria for potential key personnel. We help organisations to identify individual strengths, build personal development programmes and hone their management and supervisory skills.

Talent profile sheds light on a person’s method of action and learning ability

As part of high-quality Talent Management work, it is important to properly explore and clarify the potential and competences of people. We will perform Talent profile mapping with versatile methods. Surveys sheds light on a person’s method of action, competences and learning abilities. We have a wide range of methods used for measuring workplace competences. Working can be based on the client’s own strategic competencies, or we can do the course planning together.

A key part of the job is personal coaching used to understand and to go over the results. We do not leave a person alone with their results, as we help them to create a personal development plan through coaching. The strategy orientation of the work is always ensured with the subscriber.