Strategic renewal, Capabilities and People strategies

Continuous, and often disruptive, change in the business environment requires strategic agility and renewal from companies and organizations. In addition, the transformation of working life is redefining the way we work, our leadership and capability needs.

What does your company do better than anybody else?

This question captures the core of strategic capabilities. Strategic capabilities are organizational level capabilities that determine the company’s competitive advantage and the enablers of strategy implementation. The ability of the organization and individuals to change, in turn, ensures their ability to adapt and influence continuous change. The Purpose of the company provides an answer to the question Why?, Strategic capabilities to the question How?.

A responsible company makes the future capability needs visible

Strategic capabilities are also an excellent starting point for staff development, whether it is leadership or competence development, Talent Management or Career management. Capability-driven HR strategies bring a company strategy to life and enable every employee to engage with the company strategy through their knowledge and work. A responsible company makes the future capability needs visible and gives its employees the opportunity to develop their own competences and skills towards them. This, in turn, strengthens the link between the purpose of the company and the meaning it represents to each individual.