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Outplacement and staff adjustment situations

We are there for you in challenging situations.

Dismissal is an event that shocks the entire work community, and handling it humanely and appropriately is crucially important for both the dismissed individuals and those still employed. In a situation of dismissal or temporary layoff, your support as an employer may be more important than you realize. Remember that change security gives any dismissed employees the right to receive coaching or training for re-employment from you.

Look after your employees and work community to the end

As an employer, you can have a key impact in the future and well-being of the dismissed individual. For dismissed people, it is important to:

  • identify their strengths and motivation
  • believe in their ability to find employment
  • have good job-seeking skills
  • take action and actively look for jobs

Redundancy situations are challenging for managers as well as they may not have the resources to cope with the new, difficult situation. Once the originally abstract numbers become actual human beings who must be dismissed, the managers expect and need support from their employer. The same goes for the entire work community. A carefully planned and executed redundancy situation can have a positive impact on your work community and those leaving it.

Our role in the process is to be a partner with expertise understanding the sensitive nature of the situation. We support HR and the management, ensuring that the redundancy situation is handled with quality and consistency. We help your managers leading the circumstances around dismissal and offer your employees change training to help face the redundancy situation. We always integrate business, legal and humane perspectives into our solutions.

Career coaching and job search training plays a key role in the successful future of your employee.

Our outplacement services help you ensure the best possible resources for your employee’s future.