Outplacement and career coachingOutplacement and career coaching

Outplacement and career coaching

Companies can sometimes find themselves in situations which require redundancy negotiations or change processes, which can in turn lead to dismissing or laying off staff. In situations like this, companies want to prepare for the change process as well as possible and make sure that everything has been taken into account.

Supervisors can lack experience from earlier dismissal situations, meaning they need to be sufficiently supported in leading their subordinates in challenging situations. Companies want to look after their staff’s coping skills and they strive to support, in the best way possible, those who lose their jobs.

We help companies in planning and implementing the change process so that it is high-quality and consistent

According to the an HRM Partners study in 2014 about the loss of company reputation (entitled “Menikö maine” in Finnish), up to 58% of people who lost their jobs thought that the dismissal conversation had been handled badly or extremely badly. It does not have to be like this, though, and we can help with that.

In the planning phase, we take business, legal and human perspectives into account. We offer supervisors targeted training sessions, staff change training sessions and we support those who leave the organisation with career training.

Our services include

  • Consultancy in outplacement or dismissal situation
  • Leading change, training for managers and supervisors
  • Facing change, training for those withing the change
  • Career coaching for those leaving
  • Leading the continuing personnel, training for managers and supervisors

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