Leading and developing competenciesLeading and developing competenciesLeading and developing competencies

Leading and developing competencies

How do you identify competencies that support competitive advantage and competitiveness? How do you bring these skills into practice at individual and team level? How do you support the self-guidance of the staff in developing know-how and how do you train managers to act as facilitators for developing know-how?

Implementing strategy through leading and developing competencies

To achieve the company’s strategy, it is critical to recognize the competencies that best support competitive advantages and competitiveness. Where does the company want to be better than its competitors? Which competencies does it require now and in the future?

A key part of strategic competence management and development is the clarification and opening of the organization’s competitive edges to the whole organization. It is important to show which competencies are required. Competence requirements must be brought to the individual and the team level, to the point of connecting them to the goals of the individuals. Strategic competence must be visible in people’s activities on a daily basis.

Strategic competence being lead in day to day life

It is important to find the models for flexible and individual-based competence development in the management of competence. Personnel self-guidance needs to be increased while developing their own skills and sharing knowledge with work-based learning solutions. One’s manager or a personal coach supporting the person’s ability and potential to grow are in a key position on the development path.

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Partnership with us means

  • Clarifying the which competencies are needed in the future
  • Identifying the potential competence gaps
  • Developing an overall plan for the development of the personnel’s competencies
  • Develop a model for identifying, developing and engaging key potential as part of an organization’s Talent Management architecture

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