Individual development

The traditional ways of working and valuing work are facing a turning point.  Status and external factors are no longer enough. People want and seek meaning and individuality from their work, often free of time, place and contracts. Meaningful work and individual career paths in various networks or as an entrepreneur are taking over the traditional role of careers. The career is made into a portfolio.

For us, each employee, changes appear as a need to renew our competence. What you previously considered your core competence may no longer be needed in future working life.

Active leadership of your own working life cycle is a skill needed in the rapidly changing working life.

Experienced career coach boosts professional growth

Our career coaches will guide you through any situation where you need to plan a meaningful future for your working life and career and actively take charge of your new goals.

Career coaching tailored for your individual needs supports your personal professional growth and offers you a chance to catch your breath. Growth, development and well-being require you to know who you are, which new things you want to achieve, where you are going, what is happening in working life around you and what meaningful work means to you. After that, it is time to tackle the question “how” and transform intentions into actions.

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