Organisational culture either promotes or hinders the strategy

The old saying goes that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Can this be true? How can an abstract, emotional concept such as culture outdo a practical, sensible concept such as strategy in the business world? Can emotion and intuition form a stronger force in a company than rational reasoning?

Most of the organisational culture is under the surface, hidden.

Culture means what and how we think about things, what we feel and experience. Culture consists of beliefs, values and priorities, ideology and norms guiding our behaviour. All these visible and invisible factors are reflected in our attitude and behaviour.

Developing organisational culture

The culture of a company has a direct and powerful impact on the atmosphere, cooperation, well-being, productivity and the implementation of strategy.  These influence the company’s result and success in the long term. Therefore, culture impacts everything.

Influencing the culture must happen within the organisation and at all levels. All types of leadership and managerial work, starting from self-management, play a key role. Employee selections and recruitments in the company are also vitally important and must be conducted correctly from the perspective of the culture at that specific workplace.

How does your corporate culture appear today and how should it be developed to better support the strategy?

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