I coach individuals and teams to lead themselves and others better to achieve their goals.

I help by coaching, mentoring and facilitating employees, groups and organizations to lead themselves better especially in change situations. It’s often about finding their mission and passion to work and overcoming the barriers they have set for themselves. As a psychologist I have a comprehensive toolbox of personal analysis methods. I have the ability to work with professionals at all levels in organizations.

I have worked at HRM Partners since 2009. I’m a certified Coach and do coaching for individuals and teams as a part of our leadership development services. I am specialized in time management and training on leading yourself. Career coaching is my core expertise.

I graduated as a psychologist from University of Turku in 2005 and worked after that in the field of recruitment and personal assessments.

My mission is to help HR to develop leadership skills as a significant factor supporting the strategy, improving business success and results.

Some comments from clients about me: “I especially liked your touch where you at the same had clear targets and expectations, and also gave us space to understand how an adult manages issues.”, “You were easy to approach, professional and inspiring”