HRM Partners marketing register

The marketing register is a register of the current or potential HRM Partners customer companies and the contact persons of those companies.

Register purpose

The register is maintained during the validity of the customer relationship or for B2B marketing that aims at creating new customer relationships. The marketed issue is related to the person’s work tasks.

The data in the register is processed by the HRM Partners employees.

The personal data maintained in the register

The contact person of the customer

  • name
  • title
  • phone number
  • email address
  • company address
  • information on direct marketing refusal
  • direct marketing methods, e.g. newsletter

The basis for processing under the Personal Data Act

The register is based on the register keeper’s legitimate rights for maintaining a customer relationship and fulfilling the agreements related to that.

Informing the registrants

The information concerning the registration is provided to the participant when their personal data is collected and/or the participant is approached with B2B marketing for the first time.

The systems where the processed data is located

  • customer information system (data in Finland)
  • marketing system (data in Finland)
  • registration and feedback system related to the customer events
  • listings from the above-mentioned systems, located at the company’s servers in Finland

Data storage

The personal data is stored for as long as the participant is in the service of the customer or a potential customer company.

  1. Deleting data by the participant themselves
    The participant may ask for the deletion of their data by submitting a request to the email address or to the Account Director appointed for the customer company.
  2. Deleting data by HRM Partners
    If the customer relationship has not been active during the last five years, the personal data is deleted.
  3. Transferring data or making data passive
    If the person leaves the customer company’s service, their data is made passive and/or they are transferred to their new employer as the (HRM Partners’ customer or potential customer) contact person data. The date of making the data passive is recorded in the CRM system.If the person, whose data has been made passive, does not transfer to a new HRM Partners’s customer or potential customer service in five years, their data is deleted.


Additional information or any questions regarding data protection at HRM Partners, please contact Saija Vanhala-Jansson.