Data protection – participants in our trainings and coaching

Register description

The register of participants in our training is a register of those using the HRM Partners training services.

Purpose of the register

Personal data is registered to enable the provision of training services and to maintain the high quality of the services. The data registration is based on the customer relationship with the company paying for the training.

Which data is collected and for which purposes?

The collected data and their location in different systems varies according to the training. The name and email address are always registered, and other data varies according to the training, and according to how much data the participant of the training wants to provide.

  1. Registering for a training and feedback request
    • name, email address, phone number
  2. Background survey
    • name, email address, phone number, home address, CV, work history, education, future plans
  3. Providing the training
    • name, email address, phone number, social media addresses
    • CV and application with photos
    • data concerning the progress of the job search, training meeting notes
    • Reflect virtual training application
      • email address, from which the system creates username, nationality, gender, year of birth, language and IP address
      • the results of the Strengths Survey and Reflect exercises
    • Services that promote employment accomplished by our partners
      • name, gender, email address, home address

The basis for processing under the Personal Data Act

Providing the service or agreement which is ordered by the applicant or customer company.

Data sources

The data is generated to the register by the registered participants themselves or by the company paying for the training.

Data storage

The data is collected and stored in order to be utilised during the intensive part of the training and during the monitoring of the impact. The duration of the intensive part of the training varies according to the training and the monitoring of the impact lasts one year after the completion of the intensive part. After the monitoring period, the data is deleted.

Deleting data at the request of a training participant

The training participant may ask to review his/her data or ask for the deletion of his/her data by submitting the request to the email address or to his/her own trainer or coach.


For additional information or any questions regarding data protection, please contact Sari Suihkonen.