Coaching program for top management  (pro bono)

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The quality of leadership is measured in times of crisis. The corona pandemic places unprecedented pressure on executives who currently need to concern themselves not only about business continuity but also the resilience and wellbeing of their staff as well as themselves. Survivors of this global crisis will be those organizations who are able to adapt and learn quickly. That is why this is the time when leaders especially should prioritize ensuring their own ability to adapt, bounce back and contribute their best quality thinking and decision making.

HRM Partners wants to extend a helping hand and pitch in to support executives struggling with corona pandemic induced difficulties within their business/organizations by offering a top management coaching program pro bono. We offer our experienced professional and certified business coaches to support you by providing a space to increase clarity, focus and to direct energy into timely and impactful action.

This program is directed to top management of companies whose primary decision making takes place in Finland. The program consists of individual virtual coaching sessions for a maximum of 3 months. The seats are limited for this program so please apply by 24th April by replying to a short questionnaire via below link. HRM Partners reserves right to choose participants based on needs. Anyone who responds to the questionnaire will receive a web based Reflect Personal Strengths analysis regardless of whether they are chosen into the program.

For more information, please contact Emilia Sainisalo or Virva Rasmussen.