Refreshed strategy – HRM Partners gives work meaning

HRM Partners – giving work meaning

HRM Partners helps individuals and organizations in the change towards better and more meaningful work. We envision a working life where everyone works with meaning. We know that meaningful work generates well-being and better results.  We place meaning at the very core of work and at the heart of leadership. We are present during change to give direction to careers because we know that work matters.

We promote growth by offering impactful solutions for change management and leadership. Our expert services focus on strategic capabilities and talent management, influential leadership and management, self-leadership and change management Our key services include leadership trainings, business coaching and outplacement. HRM Partners has  helped more than 1,000 companies and 30,000 individuals over the past twenty years. We are part of the international Arbora alliance.


Our strategy for new direction and growth

Our strategy places meaning at the very heart of work and what we do . Unique employee and customer experience and impact in everything we do are the cornerstones of  our strategy. We coach our clients to succeed in their work and help their companies grow.  We build thought leadership by being active in various networks that  promote better working life.

We strive for sustainable growth together with our clients.  We are continually working to become a more holistic and strategic partner. We renew ourselves through the development of new services, capabilities and practices.


Client stories are at the center of our brand

Our brand builds on meaning as well.  During our leadership trainings and coaching, we have had the privilege to see incredible growth in individuals, teams and entire organisations. At times of organisational change, we have often witnessed how redundancies, which may have initially been perceived as a personal tragedy, have ultimately proved to be a path towards new and more meaningful careers and greater professional fulfillment. These are the stories that our brand wants to express. A key element in our new visual look is the space between the H, R and M letters that gives room to our client stories and to discussion on meaningful work.



We want to do good and be good

We want to set an example in good and participative leadership and adhere to self-governing principles. Having set the direction and goal

s for our company, everyone formulates their own personal objectives. To support personal development everyone has access to an internal coach with whom to reflect professional performance and aims. We have a truly unique workplace community encompassing a very special range of talents and experience. In fact, we like to refer to ourselves as a tribe.

We have set up three steering groups to promote our organisational development. The steering groups focus on growth, capabilities and culture, and every employee belongs to their preferred steering group. Our leadership model builds on self leadership, but also on developing and succeeding together. We value caring, accountability, impact, vigilence and agility. For our clients, we want to offer help with expertise and excellence.