Transformation of working life

Meaningful work and individual career paths in various networks are taking over the traditional role of careers. Work is breaking free from time, place and contracts.

Work is transitioning from traditional organisations to networks and platforms and organised around projects and productions. The actual work itself is changing from performing and executing to creative and/or non-linear forms of work.

When building the future in the middle of the transforming working life, one tends to think about the types of competence required by the reform and the types of support required by those leading the change. What sort of an organisational culture supports constant renewal and learning and how to strengthen it? What style of leadership and managerial work is required by the renewal? How to construct meaningful career paths for individuals, taking into account their personal working life cycle and their abilities to manage their own career?

We at HRM Partners promote the growth of our clients by offering effective solutions for renewal, growth and situations of change. Our work is always based on the customer’s business strategy, taking into account the changing operating environment.

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Outplacement and redundancy situations

We are there for you in challenging situations.

Dismissal is an event that shocks the entire work community, and handling it humanely and appropriately is crucially important for both the dismissed individuals and those still employed.

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Leadership development

Become an effective leader with our help.

The working life we used to know is being revolutionised by digitalisation and other megatrends. Eventhough much of the future is uncertain, leadership will continue to be the key to success.

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Solutions for individual coaching

Transform attitudes and ideas into acts of growth.

The investment in the leader is reflected in your company as growth, improved occupational well-being and capacity for renewal.

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Strategic capabilities

Leader, can you even remember why your organisation beats the competition?

If the everyday hurry has made you lose touch with the competitive assets of your company and the strategy plans are merely collecting dust, now is the perfect time to concentrate on the essentials with us.

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Leading and developing competencies

Learn to lead competencies with us.

Investing in leading and developing is reflected not only in the well-being of the employees but the entire company; by correctly harnessing all the competence, your company’s capacity for growth and renewal will multiply.

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Talent management

One of the key tools of the management group and HR is Talent management, the identification and assessment of competencies supporting the strategy.

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HRM Partners is part of Hanken & SSE Executive Education

The vast program offering at Hanken & SSE Executive Education take your skills to a new level. The programs, either as such or parts of it, can also be combined with solutions offered by HRM Partners, tailored to the needs of customers. Ask us in more detail!

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