Expect the Unexpected

Did you know,

that by the year 2030, some 2 billion people have moved up to the middle-class in Asia. That is a lot of new consumers. No wonder business is moving there.

Dreams are powerful drivers for people. When people are low on the Maslow hierarchy of needs they typically work hard to climb upwards – to fulfill basic needs of life and material good. This is their dream and also a strong driver of economic growth.

So, what happens when people have reached the highest level on the hierarchy, self-actualization? What then? Spiritual things and a higher level of happiness, says research. Does this mean lower economic growth? If so, this would mean that Asia has the greatest incentives and motives for development and wellbeing whereas Europe is turning into a museum.

Does this tell us anything about how we run our domestic businesses?

These were some of the thoughts that stayed with me after our Annual Global Conference together with our business partners (Arbora) which we experienced just over a week ago in Helsinki. HRM Partners were the hosts this year. Personally I started to reflect upon whether there is a connection between this global trend and how we focus our business to secure success even in the future – remembering that the future has already begun. For instance, do we have enough focus on the middle class, middle management? The men and women who really do the job, front-line. Can we provide dreams to our organizations and to each individual in it? Can they as a result of hard work grow (or climb if they like) as professionals and human beings?

Do you know?

Staffan Kurtén, Senior Partner, Chairman of the Board